Aetherstorms are the most dangerous manifestation of magic run wild. Increasing Storms was what drove your ancestors into Khaz’kor, and end of the Age of Storms was declared when magics’ power had lessened to the point where Wardens were able to use their magics to protect people and settlements from the Storms.

Brewing Aetherstorms can be detected by those connected to the Path of Storms, with more powerful mages able to detect smaller Storms, and detecting them earlier and more reliably. Wardens, the name for those trained in this Path, are all taught the Patterns and Shapings that allow them to create protective bubbles around themselves. More powerful Wardens can weave these barriers together in order to protect larger areas, such as ships at sea, caravans, and of course – settlements. These shimmering, golden bubbles are the thin wall between survival and annihilation on the surface.

The Wardens of Tor’vik are capable of typically given several hours notice of major storms, and when using their barriers, their powers are greatly enhanced – a single novice Warden can only protect several meters around herself, but two working together can protect a small caravan, or a smaller area from a considerably more powerful Storm.

Storms have little or no effect on inorganic matter, and thicknesses of stone, earth, and iron can offer natural protection. The mountains ringing much of Tor’vik provide a tremendously valuable natural barrier to weak Storms.

Plants suffer lightly from most Storms, but creatures are frequently torn to pieces, flensed by the magical winds, or are twisted and mutated.


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