Khaz’kor, a dwarven phrase meaning ‘Fortress of Earth’, was your peoples’ refuge during the Age of Storms. It’s magically warded stone protected your ancestors for hundreds of years, with the strong magic of the Age allowing feats of magical survival thought to be impossible now. Still, the physical halls remain, even if much of the magic that sustained them has bled back into the Aether from whence it came.

In modern times, it’s private land, owned by the Hal’kor clan, who are the closest thing to ‘royalty’ that Tor’vik has ever seen. Those who do not have business with the clan are rarely welcomed inside, although if dangerous Aetherstorms threaten, the clan does not hesitate to throw open its’ doors, although townsfolk are only permitted within a single chamber that remains magically warded.

The halls of Khaz’kor are narrow and uncomfortable for non-dwarves, and there is living space for no more than 400 or so people. The old magics have nearly completed faded – Patterns and Runes that freshened the air and water, provided light, and allowed plants to grow without sunlight. Even dwarves would find it impossible to live permanently in Khaz’kor now, the knowledge of how to grow food and provide the necessities have been lost.

A small enchanted forge still operates here, and several good deep wells remain a valuable resource for the locals. Most of the rest of the halls have been given over to more generous living space for the Hal’kor.


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