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  • Welcome to Tor’vik

    The town of Tor’vik was once a prosperous, bustling town renowned for their crafters and fisherfolk, carving out a new life for themselves and their families. In the last several years, it has suffered under increasing goblin raids, the tragic loss at sea of their popular Lord Mayor, and worst of all, an Aetherstorm that killed many of the lifeblood of the community. Tor’vik needs the help of a new generation of heroes – those who will protect it, rebuild it, and lead it to a brighter future.

    Perhaps a thousand years ago, rising tides of magic known as Aetherstorms drove surface dwellers underground, fleeing the magical winds that flense and warp living organic flesh. Roughly 400 years ago, your people emerged from their underground home, Khaz’kor, as the magic that sustained it began to fail. They emerged into a changed, strange, and newly-undiscovered world.

    Your home town is roughly 700 people – mostly humans, with ~150 dwarves, and a scattering of the other races. The primary industries of the town are crafting, fishing, and farming. Tor’vik sits in the Kalven Straight, and used to be a popular stopping point before traveling to Stelvar, just across the water to the east. When a powerful Aetherstorm decimated Stelvar 2 years ago, trade with Tharkan became far less common, and the warehouses which sit on the towns’ waterfront now lay mostly empty.

    The goblins that share your island are growing bolder by the week, and the same Storm that wiped out Stelvar killed many in Tharkan. Trade is rarely making it to the town, with a growing black market further threatening stability. The Town Council has lost much power, and the only public figures the townsfolk unabashedly trust are the Wardens, whose job it is to protect the town from Storms, as much as they are able.

    Of Reclaimed Renown

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